Why use email marketing?

• Email Marketing is Transactional: Used as a receipt or confirmation usually after a purchase has been made

• Email Marketing is Promotional: Email is used to stimulate an action such as a purchase or registration

• Alert: An email can get triggered as a result of an action, such as a connection request from someone on LinkedIn

• Email Marketing helps Relationship Development: Emails are used to help build and maintain relationships over time

• Email Marketing is a form of Communication: There are emails that are used to update or communicate information such as a newsletter

• Email Marketing is used for Reminders: Reminder emails can be used for when a person abandons their shopping cart

19 Email Marketing Factors to Test

1. Sender type

2. Subject line length

3. Subject line phrasing

4. Message body

5. Message closing

6. Number of call to actions placements

7. Layout and images

8. Time of the day sent

9. Days of the week sent

10. Landing page

11. Target audience

12. Balance of images and text

13. Mobile layout and images

14. Links vs buttons

15. Number of links

16. Unsubscribe position

17. Font colours and style

18. Social sharing icons

19. Social connecting icons

General Guidelines

• Use clear and concise headlines

• Perfect grammar

December 10, 2017

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