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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is when someone sends a message to a group of people with the use of electronic mail. Email communication is considered a form of email marketing if it helps build brand recognition and build customer loyalty. In addition, email marketing is a form of direct marketing. If you are looking for an efficient way to keep in touch with your clients while promoting your business email marketing is extremely effective.

Email marketing is now an essential tool for business ever since the introduction of the internet to the world.

Email marketing makes it easy and quick to reach your target market. Email marketing is much cheaper than television and radio. When done right email marketing has proven to be very successful. Thanks to CreateSend’s effective email marketing software, companies can import their email marketing lists and filter subscribers to target specific groups.

As marketers ourselves, we understand what companies want and need. A flexible platform that helps you design, create, test and send emails within minutes. With CreateSend that is exactly what you get. In other words, at CreateSend we like to make it as easy as possible for marketers to get results from their email marketing campaigns that make a dramatic improvement to their business.

By using CreateSend’s email marketing software it will not only effectively help you reach your target market but it will also help you stay connected with them on a regular basis. By using email marketing efficiently, you can retain your current customers while also targeting new markets. With our email marketing software you can simply know how effective your email marketing campaign was.

Get started with your first email marketing campaign with CreateSend’s email marketing software. Join our group of experienced marketers throughout the world that are using our email marketing software to exploit the benefits of email marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

1. Cost effective:

Email marketing has a much lower cost compared to other marketing channels

2. Easily target your customers:

With email marketing most companies that are utilising the platform  only send messages to people that have signed up to receive them. As a result, this leads to a greater chance of conversion rates as people on your list want to receive your emails.

3. Segmentation of users:

Email marketers can send emails to subscribers that meet a certain criteria.  For instance, emails can be sent to people within a specific location.

4. Create calls to action:

With CreateSend’s email marketing platform one can simply create a call to action to direct the receiver to the checkout. By using email newletters it can drive sales like no other channel in marketing.

5. Emails can be easily tracked:

With CreateSend, our email marketing software allows you to easily track open rates, click through rates and conversion rates. This can help you identify how to improve your email campaigns. Changes can also be made fast unlike print advertising.

6. Greater reach:

You can send an email to any where in the world which helps target your customers no matter where they are in the world.

7. Easy to create emails:

You can easily create attractive email templates  with CreateSend.

8. Emails can be sent instantly:

Once emails have been sent out you can start seeing results instantly within CreateSend.

9. Emails can be easily shared:

Email subscribers can simply share the email they receive with people they know. Subscribers in fact can become brand evangelists as they can help introduce your company to a new market.

10. Greater Return on Investment (ROI):

The most important aspect of doing business is getting good results. What makes email marketing such an attractive form of marketing is its high return on investment.

There has never been a greater time to start using CreateSend’s marketing software.


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